Makangela Mtungani


When you work with us, we will: Listen to you; seek your input throughout the representation; understand you needs; provide value for money; work tirelessly to achieve your goals and pursue your objectives vigorously, so that we won’t let you down.

What We Offer

We offer the following legal services backed by 5 years of experience in industry services

Labour Law

We solve disputes regarding conditions of employments, work hours, and others, between employers and employees.


We help you deal with disputes regarding concerning building construction, engineering, trade, commerce, etc.

Disputes and Litigation

Our firm will handle the whole process of taking legal action against any individual or entity, at any level.

Wills and Estates

We will help you make sure all of your investments don’t fall into the wrong hands, regardless of whether you have a will or not.

MVA Claims

If you sustain injuries from a motor accident, we can help you claim compensation.

Medical Negligence

We also help you claim debt incurred by hospitals or clinics through negligence on their part.

Drafting of Contracts

Our firm handles drafting of contracts between people or firms; both commercial and corporate.

Legal Opinions

We professionally draft opinions that gratify contract agreements, answer questions, and inquire about the legality of an action.